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MD Search Firm is a multifaceted placement firm specializing in MD’s, PhD’s and PharmD’s participating in pre-clinical, clinical, regulatory, safety, medical and scientific affairs within the pharmaceutical industry.

MD Search Firm

MD Search Firm offers benefits to clients that many recruiting firms cannot. Our database contains tens of thousands of candidates and resumes, and our staff has over 30 combined years of executive search experience. We are associated with numerous pharmaceutical and biotechnical companies across the United States and around the globe. Professionals who are new to the industry or interested in career advancement can benefit from MD Search Firm’s expert services.

Our dedicated staff closely follows industry trends and market conditions, and networks actively within the industry on a regular basis. This concentration has aided each of our clients in reaching their staffing needs.

MD Search Firm

MD Search Firm’s recruiting techniques distinguish us from the competition.  We recognize that each client comes to us with its own philosophies about the search process.  It is for this reason that we formulate each search to meet an individual client’s needs.  One team member spearheads the search from initiation to completion to ensure that we understand all unique requirements from search launch through the final placement.  We utilize a robust and detailed search method. Our method is extremely successful at identifying both active and passive candidates who possess the necessary credentials.  We strive to personally find and connect with each and every one of our candidates. It is in this regard that MD Search Firm consistently builds successful relationships based on confidence and open communication.

Once we identify the most qualified and interested candidate, we will facilitate an introduction with the company.  If needed, we can also provide conference regarding compensation, position relocation and other sensitive considerations, as well.  Once the client has hired the picture-perfect fit for them, our work is considered done right!

MD Search Firm

The recruitment process fluctuates depending upon our client’s needs. We are dedicated to bringing first-rate executive search results. Our clients will have an allocated team member to manage the search procedure, the essentials of which are outlined in the following description of MD Search Firm’s Recruiting Process.

Following a preliminary consultation to develop a thorough understanding of the organizational situation and corporate culture in which the position resides, MD Search Firm then develops position specifications to obtain a precise understanding of the duties of the position. The next step is to create a thorough candidate portrait to understand the characteristics of the ideal candidate. We will consider all aspects at this juncture, including desired candidate personality and information about company culture.

We then go about identifying qualified candidates by setting specific objectives and timelines for the assignment to enable us to pinpoint the right candidates. There is then an initial screening of candidates, all of whom are evaluated by MD Search Firm. We will conduct thorough interviews with the most qualified candidates to assess their experience and compatibility. Following this, we will conduct an all-inclusive candidate evaluation, which allows us to develop a top-tier choice of candidates defining their strengths, weaknesses, aptitudes and accomplishments.

Once we have fulfilled our internal assessment, we present the candidates from our process and review them with the hiring company. The most qualified candidates for the position will be presented for interview evaluation. After the first round of interviews, we will obtain feedback from the candidates and assist the hiring company in determining which candidate fits best.

Finally, we then aid in the offer process with the hiring company and help candidate evaluate the offer and negotiate, effectually managing expectations as needed. Following acceptance, we will help coordinate the transition and advise the candidate through a seamless resignation of their previous job.


  • Patty Rich Founder and President

    Patty and her team specialize in executive level physician and physician/scientist recruitment, spanning all therapeutic areas and a broad array of disciplines. Her firm has specialized in the recruitment of MD’s and PharmD’s within Medical Affairs, Clinical Affairs, Regulatory, Safety and Medical Liaisons ranging from Chief Medical Officer to Director Level Positions.

    With over 25 years’ experience of successful recruiting within the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industry, Patty has a vast global network of contacts comprised of well-known thought leaders, respected academicians, and proven industry executives. Additionally, she attends several organizational meetings per year to personalize her networking while also attaining an in-depth knowledge of the drug development continuum and the overarching marketplace trends. It is by leveraging her understanding and network that enables her to assist her clients.

    Patty has a BS Degree in Medical Technology from Edinboro University. Patty is very active on the Erie Art Museum Board of Directors and the Board of Directors for the Erie County Diabetes Association.

  • Eleazer Gorenstein Managing Partner

    Eleazer has worked in the industry since 2015 and has an uncanny knack in handling and nurturing relationships with both candidates and high-profile clientele. With a positive and upbeat attitude and entrepreneurial drive to succeed, he brings his tremendous work ethic and well-honed skills to his recruiting assignments. Eleazer’s background both in the journalism and tech world (he previously wrote for major digital and print publications, and managed corporate client relationships with digital media Fortune 500 partners), gives him a unique perspective in the day-to-day relationships, as well as big-picture elements, that go along day-to-day in the pharmaceutical industry’s hiring processes.

    Eleazer enjoys staying active by playing basketball and tennis, reading and writing, and immersing himself in music of all kinds when he is not working.

  • Bert Rich Managing Partner

    Having worked in the industry since 2012, Bert has a proven track record in handling the more niche positions for which our firm recruits. With a tenacious spirit and a drive to succeed, he brings specialized skills in assessment/screening, recruiting, and coaching to his assignments. With Bert’s unique background, he offers deep perspective and sound understanding of both the client’s technical and financial capacities and each candidate’s positions and needs.

    Bert’s skills have been refined throughout his 3-year career on Wall Street as an equity/derivatives trader where intense attention to detail, innovating ideas, and discipline he had perfected after graduating from Syracuse. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family whether golfing, hiking or camping.


MD Search Firm

MD Search Firm’s performance-based fee structure was developed for clients who need an extremely highly-focused, fine approach for their vital needs. Clients can be assured that our services are based on performance and providing results in a timely fashion without a drawn-out search.

Compensation for these services is negligible to initiate the search and clients can be assured they will have a dedicated resource at their disposal always.


MD Search Firm delivers in-depth specialization in a variety of areas, which creates tremendous value for our clients who want a limited amount of firms, or even a single firm, to address all of their critical hiring needs. Strategically allocating resources to a multitude of functional areas allows MD Search Firm to provide extensive bandwidth across the entire medical placement spectrum.


Candidates find our associates amicable, helpful and well-qualified in finding the right position for their qualifications and geographic needs. Our expertise is evident in the strong industry contacts we have established as well as our continued success in the ever-changing pharmaceutical climate. Our goal is to create complete and continued professional satisfaction for both the candidate and client. MD Search Firm is focused exclusively on the recruitment of physicians and other medical professionals in the pharmaceutical and biotechnical Industry.

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